Sterling Chen says:
> I vote yes as long as there is no similarly "serious" film/screen
> group on Usenet at the moment.  If the film groups on Usenet are all
> moronic, I'm sure there must be some people stranded out there who
> looking for something just like screen-l.  But if there is already
> a comparable group on the Usenet, I don't see the need for a gateway.
There is, in fact, a small, monitored USENET group that serves a serious
scholarly purpose:  rec.arts.cinema.  The flow of informational requests
and the like on it is a trickle compared to the silly flood of Kevin
Bacon debate on rec.arts.movies, and there is never really a discussion
on rec.arts.cinema that compares to the "Man Bites Dog Bites Screen-L"
debate of recent weeks.  So I say let USENET have its blather channel and
its serious channel and KEEP SCREEN-L AS IS.
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