Ashley - I don't know of any work dedicated solely to laugh tracks, but
just as a point of interest -- Todd Gitlin in -Inside Prime Time- recounts
the disagreements over whether or not M*A*S*H (the tv series) should have
a laugh track. The producers didn't want it; CBS research indicated that
it tested higher (with test focus groups) -with- the laugh track. So the
laugh track stayed. Interestingly, Gitlin notes that in British
syndication, M*A*S*H ran without the laugh track. Apparently the Brits
know when to laugh, while we need cue cards!
Julie Friedline
Media Studies
U of Iowa
On Mon, 18 Apr 1994, Ashley Lindsay Salisbury wrote:
> I am looking for any resources on the laugh track for a research project.
> If anyone knows anything about the history, current use, etc., or would like
> to discuss this topic, please get in touch.  Also, if anyone knows where
> Charley Douglas, Bob Douglas, or Carroll Pratt work now, I'd be much obliged
> for any info.
> Thank you,
> Ashley