This discussion of Blockbuster's editing of films raises
some disturbing issues.
Can anyone provide an address for Blockbuster's corporate
headquarters?  I think a few hundred letters are in order
to protest their self-righteous campaign to keep consumers
from having to confront anything which might challenge their
beliefs, and, god forbid, make them think.
I am not among those that see choosing not to carry a video
as 'censorship.'  That's their choice.  But tampering with
videos, altering them to fit some misguided, moralistic
and paternalistic corporate policy is indeed Censorship.
I've been renting from them because of their selection,
but I don't see how I can again, in good conscience,
and they should know that.
        -- Derek Bouse
        (my thanks to the ever-reliable Mark Bunster for
          alerting me to the problem)