I'm considering a text change in my one-semester course "History and
Appreciation of the Motion Picture". . . .  I've been using Bohm
& Stromgren's LIGHT AND SHADOWS (Mayfield, 1987, 3rd ed.).  Seven
years have passed; the oft-promised 4th edition isn't even considered
at this point.
Anyway. . . .  Anyone out there have a text recommendation with a
history and development focus??  NOTE:  I have copies of Cook's A
HISTORY OF NARRATIVE FILM (Norton, 1990, 2nd ed.) [Has anyone out
there used it?  With what result?] and Thompson & Bordwell's FILM
HISTORY: AN INTRODUCTION (McGraw-Hill, 1st ed., 1994)  My decision
date is May 1st.    Thanks :-)   Ralph D.