San Francisco State University, 6-9 October 1994
Topics:  contemporary, international and independent animation.
Papers sought on:
Authorship studies
Genre redefinition
Animation theory
Myth narratives and their source cultures
Voices of feminism and cultural diversity
Role of international organizations
Pop culture from an international perspective
Sound design
Close analysis of selected films
Papers may be delivered in any language, but English translation of the
text should be prepared in time for distribution.
Format for submission:  250-500 word abstract
Length of presentation:  20 minutes
Deadline:  15 May 1994
Send abstract to:
Martin McNamara, SAS Conference Chair           Tel/Fax:  415.337.7060
or Patricia Amlin, Animation Coordiator         Tel:      510.548.5560
Cinema Dept., San Francisco State Univ.         Tel:      415.338.1629
1600 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA  94132 USA
  Jeremy Butler                                [log in to unmask]
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  Telecommunication & Film Dept. * University of Alabama * Tuscaloosa