The deadline for paper proposals for VISIBILE EVIDENCE II:  Strategies and
Practices in Documentary Film and Video has been extended.
New deadline:  19 April 1994
Conference to be held 18-21 August 1994 at the University of Southern
California, Los Angeles.  Sponsored by the School of Cinema/Television,
Critical Studies.
One page proposals should be submitted directed to chairs of open panels
and workshops.  Since time is so tight, I'll list only fax numbers.
Ethics:  The Repressed in Documentary Film Studies
        Brian Winston, in Wales:  0222.238832
Documentary Historiography
        Chuck Wolfe, 805.893.8016
New Technologies and Their "Reality Effects"
        Jim Moran, 213.740.9471
Transnational Documentary II
        Patty Zimmermann and John Hess, 607.274.1664
Feminism and Documentary
        Janet Walker & Diane Waldman, 818.780.7647
If Not Reality TV, Will Theory Make Us Free?
        Bill Nichols, no fax
        240 Dickens Way, Santa Cruz, CA  95064
Queer Subjects, Unsightly Objects:  Tracking the Queer Signifier in the
        "non-Fiction" Text
        Rich Cante and Angelo Restivo, 213.740.9471
The Marginalized Inaudible:  Music, Sound, and Documentary Practice
        Neil Lerner, 919.684.3598
New Ethnographies
        Michael Renov, 213.740.9471
Literal (Legal) Visual Evidence
        James M. Linton, Canada, 519.971.3642
Media Activism for the 90s
        Jane Gaines, 919.684.3598
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