On Wed, 13 Apr 1994, Jordan Adam Stein wrote:
>         From:  Jordan Stein
>         Can anybody reccomend anything for me to red on Bresson?  Is
> Bresson considered to part of any cinematc trend, or was his style
> extremely unique at that time.  I kmow that I was extreme in saying that
> he's not part of the French cannon(it's hard to be articulate when you have
> only two seconds to type a message, and it's very jarring for me to read
> what I write in people's replys), but is are there any directors, or
> stylistic tendencys today, which can be linked to Bresson.
Two pieces which might serve as an introduction to Bresson:
1. essays by P. Adams Sitney ("The Rhetoric of Robert Bresson") and Ken
Kelman ("The Structure of Fate"), both printed in Sitney's (editor): "The
Essential Cinema" (vol. 1)
2. David Bordwell's "Narration in the Fiction Film" : essay on the
Bresson film "Pickpocket" (pp. 289-310)
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