I was looking for a French copy of Vadim's "Et Dieu crea la femme".  Anyone
have any ideas where to get such a thing?  The movie has been dubbed and
unusable from my perspective.  Re. Bresson--I have not seen any of his
stuff lately.  Seems to be less "popular" on the "video circuit".  I would
like to get a copy of Les Nuits Fauves & Germinal, but don't have a
release date or source for them.  Diva, Betty Blue, Cleo de 5 a 7, One Sings
 theother doesn't....  I am very partial to Masculin/Feminin, but have found
the students gag on it.  Le chien andalou, I use to wake students up
after spring break.  I am tempted to pair French & American remakes
together, too.
As for texts:  I have used Paris' The Great French Films, only because it
provides a lot of information on some central "classics".
Marc Snyder