On Tue, 12 Apr 1994, Mark Bunster wrote:
> *  Mark Bunster mentions BLACK CAESAR -- is this indeed a re-make
> * or re-working of LITTLE CAESAR ?     My book doesn't mention
> * LITTLE CAESAR, so I wonder if the latter film was an actual attempt
> * to set the story of Rico in Harlem.
> *
> * What about it, Mark?
> *
> I know little to none about it, except its reference in one film and one
> song.
My memory of both LITTLE CAESAR and BLACK CAESAR are a bit sketchy, but I
think BLACK CAESAR has more in common with SCARFACE, particularly the
subplot of the main character's best friend falling in love with his
sister. Cohen (the director) himself compares the film to LITTLE CAESAR
and PUBLIC ENEMY. Perhaps its simply my familiarity with SCARFACE that
links it to that film, but the above mentionned subplot and the systematic
execution of all those other bosses that stand in his way from BLACK
CAESAR seems to come right out of SCARFACE.
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