> I am interested in films which have been remade with black characters.
> in roles originally cast with whites, for example BLACULA/DRACULA.
> Richard Brooks's novel THE BRICK FOXHOLE, for example, became the
> film CROSSFIRE, and the gay character became a Jew (and the story
> about anti-semitism instead of homophobia).
> Can any of the netters think of similar cases dealing with African-
> Americans -- i.e. in which a remake or retelling cast blacks
> in roles which originally featured whites or some other ethnicity?
> Similarly, Can anyone remember the T.V. remake of the Defiant Ones with
> Phyllisha Rashad, in which the male charachters are recast as females.
> (while preserving the color differences)
> Erin Elder
> Albion College
A blacksploitation film called Hit Man is a remake of Get Carter that was
not even released when Hit Man was started.  Roger Corman owned the rights
to G.C. and produced Hit Man
-- Ethan Goldstine