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                                        Date:     11-Apr-1994 02:56pm EST
                                        From:     Stephen Hart
                                        Level:    Post-secondary/University
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Subject: re: Remakes
Offhand, here are some TV movies:
CINDY - A retelling of Cinderella, set in Harlem (I think), 1940s.
LITTLEST MATCHGIRL - At least I think this is a remake, with the role of
the matchgirl cast with Keisha Knight Pulliam of Cosby fame.
POLLY - A musical version of Pollyanna, directed by Debbie Allen, starring
her sister Felicia and Keisha Pulliam.
There was a comedy version of _A Christmas Carol_ with Robert Guillame a
few years ago.  I can't recall if that was a full length TV movie or a 30
minute show.  And I haven't heard of a female version of _The Defiant
Ones_, but there was a remake in the late '80's with Robert Urich and Carl
Stephen Hart