A friend of mine has been asked to put together a series on
          "utopian" films but when he and I discussed the matter we
          could only think of "dystopian films" -- Blade Runner,
          Things to Come, etc., etc.  In fact it occurs to us that
          demands for narrative disequilibrium actually require that
          films be dystopian rather than utopian -- in the latter case
          you've got a nice world at the beginning, a nice world in
          the middle and a nice world at the end, so where's the
          At any rate if any of you can think of any utopian films,
          I'd be much obliged.  And while you're at, how about a list
          of dystopian films, of which I am sure there are many more
          than I can think of.
          Roberta Pearson
          Annenberg School, U of Penn.