On Fri, 8 Apr 1994 23:39:30 EDT Robert Withers said:
>If screen-l were a usenet conference, I gather netters who don't have access
>to usenet would still be able to access sceen-l via e-mail, as now?
I should clarify:
I don't mean to turn SCREEN-L solely into a Usenet newsgroup.  What I'm
considering is a gateway between SCREEN-L and Usenet.  Most SCREEN-L
subscribers would continue to receive SCREEN-L messages in the same way.
The only difference is that the messages sent out to SCREEN-L subscribers
would simultaneously be presented in a Usenet newsgroup.
Thus, you would have the option of (1) receiving each SCREEN-L message
via e-mail (as the system works right now) or (2) browsing through SCREEN-L
messages (and optionally posting replies) on Usenet.
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