I'd cast a no vote on alligning this list with USENET for these reasons:
        1) I have a much more reliable mailbox than newsreader, and I
           imagine I'm not alone in this.  The result is that I keep up
           with mail-lists more promptly/efficiently and use USENET less
           like a newspaper than a magazine, which is to say I graze, I
           don't participate, I don't get up from my desk to find a citation
           for someone, etc.
        2) The focus and (dare I say) quality of discussion on this list is
           quite distinct from (and much more to my taste than) either
           rec.arts.movies or the cinema-l list that's carried on USENET.
           Those groups are extremely personality-oreinted, taste-driven
           klatches.  Even despite recent griping on this list (which, by
           the by, I found needlessly shrill), the discussion, queries and
           debates here seem much more focussed than anything on USENET.
Those are my initial justifications for my response, but I assure you
there must be others, so violently did I cringe at the suggestion!
One person's 'umble opinion....
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