This is a voice against making screen-l a usenet conference.  I originally
checked out film-l and cinema-l and found them big timewasters, with lots of
fannish chit-chat.  I think on those lists someone mentioned screen-l, and on
screen-l someone mentioned h-film, and I took the little bit of extra trouble
to subscribe.  I find the discussions here at a much higher level, with lots
of useful information and many thoughtful insights shared.  I think this would
possibly degenerate pretty quickly as a usenet conference.  The average user
checking out usenet would have no basis for understanding a different
character belonging to the cinema, film, screen lists, and I'm afraid they
would all homogenize.
Screen-l seems to have a fairly broadbased, international group of subscribers.
Has this developed simply by word of screen, and through those brave enough to
search the list of lists?
If screen-l were a usenet conference, I gather netters who don't have access
to usenet would still be able to access sceen-l via e-mail, as now?
Robert Withers
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