> I am interested in films about the Beat generation and have had little luck
> finding any.  So far I have only found HEART BEAT and THE BEAT GENERATION.
> Does any one know of any others?
        *Blonde Cobra*
        *A Bucket of Blood*
        *The Connection*
        *The Flower Thief*
        *Greenwich Village Story*
        *Guns of the Trees*
        *Lost, Lost, Lost*
        *Me and my Brother*
        *Naked Lunch*
        *Pull my Daisy*
        *Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man*
        *Scorpio Rising*
        *This Song Is for you, Jack*
        *What Happened to Kerouack?*
        *Wholly Communion*
There is a Film Festival May 17-21 at NYU where all these films will be
screened.  It's *The Beat Generation: Legacy and Celebration* conference.
Let me know if you need more info.
        Gloria Monti