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> I'm posting this on the list rather than to J. Crill personally so that others
> thers who agree will know that such a response has already been sent. Some
> responses: 1) This listserv is not just for asking if people have knowledge of
> something: it's a discussion group. Your notion of its function seems to me
> far toonarrow. 2) I, for one, am very often interested in the responses to
> questions I didn't pose--for instance, the one about couples and violence. I
> enjoy seeing others' responses, and learn from them. 3) Re issues where one
> has little interest, one can always just delete messages whose subject lines
> indicate that they're responses on those issues. 4) Actually, I think the list
> has gotten pretty boring lately because it has been too much confined just to
> inquiries--I hope that soon we can get another good discussion going on a
> particular film, like recent ones on THE PIANO and SCHINDLER'S LIST. 5) I
> think the "dial-a-porn" and "phone sex" references are pretty insulting to
> those of us who have been responding in good faith.
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HERE HERE!  WELL STATED!!  There's absolutely no need to get nasty and
insulting because you don't like some of the parameters of this list.
Dianne Brooks
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