You have to use MUMS commands to see the motion picture
records, rather than the SCORPIO commands. If you telnet to pick enter "1" at first menu, and "1" again at the
second menu for the LOCI catalog.
        To search for a title use the MUMS find command followed by
"t" and the title, or keyword in title. For example:
        find t king kong;f=av
        The ";f=av" restricts the search to audio visual works.
        The on-line catalog includes works received from 1986 on.
Earlier works do appear but I guess they were acquired after '86.
        After you get the first screen of your search results you need
to precede each command with the word "page" for some reason. For
instance to see the full record of the second item on the list:
        page b2
        The number for the Motion Picture Reading Room is (202)
Bob Stewart