As one who has participated in the Olympic thread and differed with Stephen
Brophy over his initial post, I now have a better understanding of the nature
of his objections and more or less concur with the following position.  Thanks
for clarifying, Stephen.
Alison McKee
>   As the person who started this little tempest with a too-generally
> worded message, I want to say that much of what has been posted in the
> past few days about the ways images of athletes have been constructed
> by TV coverage has been quite interesting, and totally appropriate to
> the purposes of this list.  What I was reacting to was a spate of
> Tonya Harding jokes and some speculations about the character of
> another athlete that really had nothing to do with media studies, and
> would have been much more appropriate on alt-gossip.  As more people
> get on the internet and join these discussions, we are in danger of
> being inundated in inappropriate messages if we don't set some minimal
> standards and try to abide by them.
>                                                 Stephen Brophy