I am currently working on an experimental documentary which adresses the
evolution of propagandistic visual material, specifically of violent acts
of war, esp. execution. The film studies the changing modes of recording
these moments and the changing position of the filmer (professional to
amateur, etc.) and the audience. I would like to use a number of films
as sources, and am wondering if anyone can tell me the whereabouts,
distributor, or contact for them.
The films are:
Ordinary Fascism (Mikhail Romm, USSR 1965)
Wintersoldier (Winterfilm Collective, USA 1972)
The Race (W. Copeland, Australia 1970)
The Twighlight of the Damned (Achmed Rachedi, Algeria 1970)
Vivre (Carlos Vilardebo, France 1960?)
I have previously posted this on a few lists and didn't get much reponse,
so I am trying again. ANY hints or vague leads would be helpful!
Thanks in advance.
ALEX MACKENZIE  c/o [log in to unmask]