Here's a copy of the call for _The Velvet Light Trap_'s upcoming issue
on Technology and Representation.  As you can see from the call, we're
interested in a wide variety of different technology-related topics.
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Greg M. Smith
University of Wisconsin-Madison
A Publication of The University of Texas Press
                         TECHNOLOGY AND REPRESENTATION
     Recent attention to technological developments has sparked critical
discussion about the role of technology in representational media.  New
technologies are placed among pre-existing economic, social, and cultural
relationships facilitating, resisting, or shaping their implementation.
This call solicits submissions that assess the ways in which technological
developments have influenced the production and reception of film/television
texts.  Suggested topics include:
- The use of technology in reception (remote control, VCR, Dolby stereo,
THX, home theaters, interactivity, 3-D, architecture of viewing space)
- The use of technology in style (computer imaging, video special effects,
computer animation, color, digital sound)
- The representation of technology (the body and technology, the representation
of film and television technologies in media, technology as spectacle)
- Technology and everyday life (amateur film or video recording, surveillance)
- Historical studies of the development of film or television technologies
- The political economy of technological innovation.
Please send three (3) copies of your submission (with endnotes in MLA format)
by September 30, 1994 to:
_The Velvet Light Trap_
Department of Communication Arts
University of Wisconsin
Vilas Hall
821 University Ave.
Madison, WI 53706