I don't know anything about the documentary program at American, but can
attest to the commitment of the Temple MFA program in RTF to a balance
between practice and theory.  This is a bedrock understanding of the
program under the leadership of Warren Bass and the others teaching
courses which are specifically production.  The faculty includes some
leading people; in addition to Warren, there is Julie Gustavson, David
Parry, Jeff Rush, Peter d'Agostino and Alan Powell.  The last two are
video people who have a background in documentary, currently working
in video art.  Jeanne Allan and Paul Swann hold up the more traditional
ends of theory and history -- both, though, understand the imperatives
of production.  Neither believes that the stork brings the product.
I leave myself out of the list since I'm emeritus, though available for
consultation as requested.
Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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