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Date:         Thu, 17 Mar 1994 10:07:11 +1000
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Subject:      Space & gender in film
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a colleague wishes to use a film which has issues of gender & space in it.
any ideas? I can think of documentaries such as Man-made famine, a
New Internationalist film about gender relations in the 3rd world & how
they interact with capitalism to starve communities. I don't think this is
what he is seeking, more a commercial or narrative type of film than
documentary. For a film on industrial change and community impact I can
think of no better film than 'Spotswood' - an relatively obscure Australian
film with Anthony Hopkins, made I think just prior to Hannibal the cannibal.
It's lovely & useful for economic/social geography I think.
anyway, that was a diversion. any ideas on the gender & space request.