On Wed, 16 Mar 1994 12:15:49 -0500 Steve Kokker said:
>I am seeking out old ephemeral films, dating from the thirties onward.
>Also, if you know of any trade shows for this kind of thing... I will be
>trekking across the country (Canada and US) late summer to find this
>stuff, so let me know and maybe I will be passing through...
>Thanks in advance to all who can help.
>-ALEX MACKENZIE  direct e-mail at  [log in to unmask]
     As you may know, Richard Prelinger ([log in to unmask]) is the guru
of this type of film, has arranged many screenings and presentations of his
material, and may be able to clue you in as to places to look and learn.
(As long as you aren't trying to scoop up all the films that he doesn't have
yet!)  :-)  ;=)  :*)