* does anyone remember the rather hilarious attempt by Reebok (i think, or
* Nike...who cares, really?) to invent the Dan vs. Dan competition for the
* 1992 Games?  one of the Dans failed to make the team and the whole
* million-dollar project was scrapped.  i agree with the person who posted
* concerning the difficulty of hyping the Games post-Cold War--now that the
* "evil empire" is gone we need to have these localized binaries operating
* to fuel the ole' American competitive spirit or else no-one would tune in.
For the record...
It was Dan and Dave, it was Reebok, and the campaign continued a short while
after Dan failed to make the team. Considering the potentially disastrous
nature of what happened (few people believed one would fail to make the
team), Reebok did with what they had and adapted the commercials to the
situation that developed.
Obgossipy titter:
I also found it interesting that more was not made of Tonya's ironic choice
of short program music; "Much Ado About Nothing."
(Her long music, Jurassic Park, was just silly. Why a cocktail waitress
costume and huge streaks of blush were needed to dance to the flight of the
dinosaurs--in essence--is beyond me.)
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