In support to what Alison said, I must say that since the premiere of
Schindler's List I have been appalled at the claims of people saying that
they had been made aware of the Holocaust horrors for the first time. For two
reasons: first, anybody who has seen the newsreel footage shot by the Allied
trroops upon their arrival at the camps knows that SL is at its best
ansoftened and crippled version of those images; and second, the fact that
so many people have NEVER been exposed to those images is disturbing in
itself, considering that throughout my education they've become part of those
Moments in History that can't be forgotten. I don't know if that's just part
of being European (born and raised there) ... maybe the American experience
is different.
Riccardo De Los Rios
USC Film School
PS I hope this post is legible ... my online editor is a *mess*