On Mon, 28 Feb 1994 22:37:06 -0800 Shawn Levy said:
>On Mon, 28 Feb 1994, Sterling wrote:
>> I think it's similar to the situation of rappers sampling snippets
>> of other songs.  I have a vague impression of a recent (?) case of
>> somesort of lawsuit regarding sampling, but unfortunately I can't give
>> any details.  Anybody? --Sterling
>Luther Campbell was sued by the estate of Roy Orbison over his use of the
>song "Pretty Woman."  No doubt the estate of Roy Orbison can sue whomever
>they want over the use of "Pretty Woman," but after selling the song and
>its title to Disney for that execrable bit of mysogyny, they look pretty
>silly singling out a nonentity like Luther Campbell for legal action.
The question is one of parody and fair use, and silly or not, the Supreme
Court has granted cert.  I don't know if the decision's come down yet or
not.  I'll check it out on Westlaw and let you know.
                                                   Shari L. Rosenblum