I Unfortunately have not been able to see Schindler's List yet, but am g
   oing tomorrow.  I understand the shock of the twenty-generation, and as a tea
   cher of middle schoolers just finishing _Anne Frank_ and study of WWII and th
holocaust, I see them as just as horrified and shocked.  They ask insightful
questions which I personally cannot answer, such as, "Why?"
        I have been able to contact a survivor of Auschwitz to visit the
school and speak to my students, but what will happen when all the survivors
are gone?  I desperately hope that people remember the atrocities, and _List_
should keep the memories alive.
        By the way, I'm on this list because I teach a 10-12th grade Film
Literature course.  We touch on propaganda films, and look at _Nuit et
Brouillard_.  Does anyone have some suggestions on other good prop. films
for high school age students?  Also, how would _Schindler's List_ work with
this age group?
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