In response to the following post by Dennis Ross:
> I have been uncomfortable about Alison McKee's post.  I do not
> understand the motivation or the reason why she wants to know about the
> inaccuracies in Schindler's List.  I am a former interviewer of survivors
> of the Holocaust for Florida International University's Holocaust Memorial
> Center.  Nothing in the movie came as a surprise to me based upon the
> stories of people I interviewed.  Maybe I'm being too touchy here, but
> I'd like to know more about the reasons for Alison's post.
> Dennis Ross
Dennis, I think you have my post on *Schindler's List* confused with another
person's (a faculty member posting questions on behalf of a student, I believe,
though perhaps I'm wrong about that).  At any rate,*my* post concerned the
fact that I myself had been disturbed by the evident surprise that some
audience members clearly experienced as they watched the film and the events
it depicted.  How, I wondered, could they not have encountered this information
before?  The horror I understood, the surprise I did not.  There was a thought-
ful response from someone today in response to my question.