On Mon, 31 Jan 1994 17:34:06 -0600 louis schwartz said:
>You know what bums me out?
>People who post questions that they could easily find out the answers to
>in the library or even the almenac. Isn't this supposed to be a discussion
>group rather than a research co-op?
In theory, yes.  But in practice, the difference between an "easily"
answered question and a difficult one is less clear.  SCREEN-Litarians
live in a variety of circumstances (e.g., small towns without research
facilities or outside the U.S. where simple questions about U.S. films
may be hard to answer), and their access to information varies
So, let's all exercise a little tolerance...and keep that DELETE key handy
for messages that don't interest you.
          There are times when you have to choose between being human
          and having good taste.  --Bertolt Brecht--
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