> Thanks for the interesting responses so far.  My pal at my corner video
> store also suggested: "The Outsiders," Over the Edge," and "The Chocolate
> Wars."  And dis-recommended "American Heart."  There seems to be a distinct
> genre of Teenage Problem films, with highschool settings or backdrop, dating
> back at least as far as "Rebel Without a Cause" and probably farther, and
> revolving around social conflicts between teens.
>     There seem to be fewer films that feature the younger kids, and pre-teens,
> or teens, for that matter,
> facing problems that may be personal, family-related, or related to larger
> social issues -- poverty, racism, etc.  Clearly some of those suggested fit in
> this non-genre.
How about "Say Anything", and "My American Cousin" ?  Blackboard Jungle?
I seem to remember quite a few teen type movies from the 60's/ There's
always Rock around the Clock if you want some dated stuff...
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