How about
           The Outsiders (Coppola)
           Rumble Fish (Coppola)
           The Breakfast Club (it's Hollywood, but draws stereotypes
                               reasonably effectively)
           Lucas (it must be 9 years old, I think it stars Corey Haims
                   and I don't remember how real it is.  After all,
                   I think Charlie Sheen is in it, too.)
           School Ties (about a private school and antisemitism and football --
                        so it may seem inappropriate to B.C. (I teach there,
                        too) but I think it brings up real questions about
                        school pressures to perform, to belong, to participate
                        and to adapt, and I think it would work.)
       Dead Poets Society (obviously more Hollywood, but it glorifies poetry
                           and Walt Whitman and creative interactive teaching -
                           so I'd look at it for other values.)
                                                  Shari L. Rosenblum