On Mon, 28 Feb 1994 11:51:11 EST Stephen Brophy said:
>  I am probably one of only three people in the world who couldn't
>possibly care any less about the olympics and any related brouhaha.
>Since, for the moment, Kerrigan/Hardy is not really a film related
>topic, could folks who want to talk about it do it off-list?
                               Stephen Brophy
The jokes are jokes; the topic though is very much "film-related" since
notoriety, high concept, and event films are what drives the film business.
"Film Business" in this context includes tv/videotape/cd/etc.  Just look
at any issue of weekly VARIETY for a quick insight into what's going
All of this may not be about art: but who ever said that art is the only
thing that is "film-related"?
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