> Does anyone know where I might find copies of the 70s TV series "Soap" for
> purchase or rental? It doesn't seem to be syndicated in my area, and I'd love
> show some clips or an episode of this comedy in my class.
> Thanks in advance,
> Pam Wilson
Do you guys not get the Comedy Channel there?  I know it comes on around
5-ish (eastern time) on that station.  In fact, they had a Soap marathon
not too long ago--it was definitely interesting to watch, since i was
still fairly  young during the show's original airing and didnt catch many
of its subtleties.....
hope this has been some help  (if there's no Comedy Channel in Wisconsin,
ask anyone you might know on the east coast--I know most places there have
access to it....)
liz barnes
unc-chapel hill