On Sat, 26 Feb 1994 11:06:34 -0700 RETURN said:
>VERY careful...But we have to be.  In any event, I see lots of stuff come
>over the internet that's not copyrighted...So I think in the final analysis..
>it's basically your call. Hope some of this helps and if anyone knows more
>about this...I'd be interested to see what the response is. See ya! Jenny.
Jenny has given a good summary of some of the key points of the
1978 revision of the Copyright Law.
Everything created since January 1, 1978 (effective date of the revised
statute) is automatically protected by the law.  This differs from the
earlier common law interpretations which assumed that works were covered.
"I see lots of stuff ... that's not copyrighted" may apply to earlier
Things get messy there because of the peculiarity of the earlier
versions of the law.  (Don't ask; see any book covering copyright.)
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