Joshua...Coincidentally,  I just attended a satellite conference on the
very subject of copyright violations...which is an on-going topic for I am the head of the Reserve the engineering & science
library at Arizona State University.  In any event, there was discussion
about the use of the internet and copyright violations.  When something
goes out over the internet and it (as in the script) is the "product"
of someone else...and has been copyrighted by them...then when, when
we (as in myself or others on this net)...make copies of I
understand it...we are violating copyright laws.  UNLESS...the author
has given permission for it to be reproduced.  How closely this is being
watched I do not know and there was no indication of that at this conference.
(The conference included THE legal counsel for the software industry, one
of the counsels for ASCAP which represents the music industry & the head
of the Law School at the Durham.)  It was stated though that the technology
is basically surpassing the laws and how the Internet will be regulated
is up for debate.  An example of how copyright law can be enforced though
was given by the legal counsel for ASCAP which enforces the use of songs
by bands, etc....who do not seek permission, from the copyright holder.
When it is discovered that someone is doing as such...then a warning is
sent to stop and then..usually..if they do not stop...they are fined. In the
case of a band playing music that they haven't asked permission to sing..
the fines begin at $5000 an go up to $50,000.  If the band is broke...then
 SCAP will go after the barowner or whoever has the "deep pockets."
Anyway, that gives you some idea of what's going on. At my library we are
VERY careful...But we have to be.  In any event, I see lots of stuff come
over the internet that's not copyrighted...So I think in the final analysis..
it's basically your call. Hope some of this helps and if anyone knows more
about this...I'd be interested to see what the response is. See ya! Jenny.