Well then, according to Eric Rabkin, it would be very unwise for me to
distribute the script sans permission...  I question the person I got the
script from myself then...  Ah well...
  So how would one go about getting permission to use a script anyway?  Say,
if one were to produce it as a play or whatnot...  ;)  I'm still going to
continue converting the script myself, so I can easily dissect it and
repiece it for my own study...  So, despite the illegality of it, I'm going
to continue my work, as I know that nothing >I< do with it will cause a
major loss for Quentin Tarantino.  I just don't know about distributing it
over E-mail space, as other's intentions with it could be considered
"questionable" at best...  It's an ethical question that I'm going to need
to think about...
  I'll keep you all posted...  I respect Quentin Tarantino too much to risk
throwing his script at the mercy of E-Mail space without just cause...
  Poi Dog Pondering,
  Josh from Madison, WI