My interpretation of the relationship of Ada and Baines is different than
that of Chris White.  Something is out of order here, as if he saw a
different movie than the one I saw.  If I remember correctly, Baines is
brought to the beach by Ada and her daughter. Ada refuses to have the
piano left there.  Baines gives in.  The only thing Baines and Ada have
in common is pent-up horniness.  It seems that Ada hasn't had a man
since she was pregnant and Baines may never have had a white/non-Maori
woman.  Any sexual attraction on Ada's part comes as her clothing comes
off onion-skin like, one layer at a time over the course of time.  Maybe
Baines wears her down or maybe he awakens her repressed feelings.  But
never did I get the impression that there was any kind of mutual physical
Dennis Ross