Unfortunately this episode came after Groundhog Day.  I've seen made for tv
movies about repeating over and over for years, I have no idea where the
idea came from, but I'm sure it is a pretty old idea done to death, though
I enjoyed Groundhog Day for it's humor, especially, I've saved you
....times, and you never thank me..
>There was a pretty remarkable episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
>(last season, I think) in which the Enterprise was caught in some sort of
>time bubble.  The same sequence of events was repeated four times (maybe a
>production shortcut, too), but each time there were more instances of deja
>vu and generally suspicious occurrences.  Finally people pieced things together
>and solved the puzzle -- just in time to save the ship, of course.  I'm
>sorry I can't remember the title of this episode (or any clearer details),
>but I hope this helps.
>Megan Mullen