>My original question wasn't about the name of the category it was why are
>americans so conceited that a movie has to be in english to be nominated
>for best Picture?? and so far no one has answered the darn question.
>Hey John!
The Oscars are awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a
Hollywood industry group. The point of the Oscars is to award prizes in a
way that encourages more people to go to Hollywood's movies. They only have
a Best Foreign Language Film category to add some gloss to what is
essentially self-promotion.
A film in a foreign language, released outside of the industry, probably
would have no chance of getting any acknowledgement if it had to compete
against Hollywood product. At least the present situation encourages some
brave folks in the American audience to try a different flavor of film every
once in a while.
It's not like the rest of us Americans, conceited or not, get a vote in any
of this.
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