>b) You wish to deny that you and I (the receiver and sender of this
>message) are separate beings?  Or are you one of those folks who insist
>that you are no more than a product of your culture--a sign, if you will?
>                          .. For psychoanalysis, experience is not to be
>taken at face value.  It is no more (or no less, if you wish) than the
>symptom of unconscious (unexperienced and unexperiencable) forces.     is
- i feel the urge to split two hairs...
  isn't there an important distinction to be made between being
  *independent* and being *separate*?
  also, if experience is no more or no less than a symptom of
  something else - i.e., something of an indexical *sign* -
  doesn't that make us - in our capacity of being implicated in
  this experience - carry the status of signs, as well?