I went to see "List" last night
I was dissapointed.
Allow me to intro myself before i explain why, for this is my first post.
I am a writer/playwrite, i have had one of my plays produced and am
currently working on my first novel.  It is my belief that all works, film
or literature are to tell a story. I envision myself to be a storyteller
over a writer.  Any story is centered around characters, without them you
have no story.  Every time you stray from them, you are not telling a story.
There were effective scenes in "List".  Whenever Steve centered on a
character and revealed to us motives and general development, he was
effective.  Per esempio; the scenes with Schindler and Kingsly.  If he had
spent less time horrifying and more time with the characters, the movie
would have driven home the horror.  Actions do not horrify, characters do.
It was not horrifying to see people i do not know kill people i do not know
in a place that was foreign.
I was confused as to the transformation of Schindler from capitalist to
humanist.  Where was the transformation, how did the character change and
why?  Some may say that in the face of what was being presented to him he
was bound to change and it was obvious.  I will argue that others never
changed, so why did he. I wanted the movie to be about someone!  It was
about something and, in my opinion, that is not storytelling.