the name of the ted danson movie is something about amelia. it is available
on videotape--i've seen it on shelves.
also, child prostitution: pretty baby, by louis malle. and unfortunately,
sybil, with sally field (also made for tv), which is about a woman with
multiple personalities who was abused by her mom.
also (gee, these titles keep coming to me...): closetland, starring alan
rickman and madeleine stowe. it's a strange and specifically political
film, directly linking state abuses and violations with child/women's abuses.
also, love crimes, by lizzie borden and starring sean young and patrick bergin.
her pathologies now are linked to her abuse as a child, at the hands of
her mother.
and a new movie--out next month nationally--called blink. i have seen it.
madeleine stowe is a woman who was blinded by her mom's physical abuse...
traumatic stress stuff.
cindy fuchs