>I am working on an art project and I need your help.  If you will take
>a moment, send a plain postcard (no picture on the front) to:
> Joseph R Connelly
> P.O. Box  1147
> Madison, WI  53701
>On the front of the card please sign my name (my signature in your
>handwriting).  If you wish, write a short note on the back of
>the card to let me know something about yourself.
>Please forward this information to any and all over the internet;
>if you wish to distribute this message to folks off the internet,
>please transfer the information orally.  I ask only that this
>message never be printed or altered and that I receive ONE
>card per person.
>If you want to get in [log in to unmask]
>thank you for your time.
>Joseph R Connelly
Brian Mangin                                  [log in to unmask]