This message is for people in the Washington, D.C. area.
My wife and  I  have screenings at  our home in Prince Georges County,
Maryland, about twice  a month.  We  have  a  100" diagonal screen and
Dolby Pro-Logic Surround.
On 1-15-94 at 7:00 pm  we  will screen The Ultimate Oz  (the  new  THX
laserdisc of The Wizard of Oz).
On 1-22-94 at 2:00 pm  we  will  be screening both 2001  and 2010.  We
will also screen 2001 mixed with Alex North's soundtrack music.
If anyone would like to come to  one  of these screenings, or  if  you
would like to know what we will be doing in  the future, send me email
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