>More good contemporary Jewish films:
>The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
>Annie Hall
>Hester Street
>Crossing Delancy
>Enemies, A Love Story
I don't know what specific types of Jewish Films are being asked for, but I
have seen the titles listed and have seen a galring omission, unless you
only want films that are in english.
        The best film about a jewish lifestyle that I ever saw was Europa,
Europa, denied an oscar because no country would claim the film.  (I hate
that requirement and limitation by the academy, it's stupid and self
centered, why can't a foreign film be nominated for best film of the year,
not just in it's own category??_)
        I don't know about this, if it fits the requirement, but a good
documentary concerning jews, concentration camps, is Night and Fog, a
documentary made in 1955 that left me cold.
Have you smeeled your nose today?