The New Festival of Lesbian and Gay Film is looking for short works for a
cyberqueer/sci-fi program.  Short films and videos, computer & other types
of animation, and laserdisc productions are welcome.
The New Festival is also interested in showing
queer interactive media, CD-ROM, & CD-I productions, and could use any
advice/ideas/information on how to exhibit these works.
Submissions deadline is Feb. 15, 1994.  Send tapes to New Festival of
Lesbian & Gay Film  ATTN: Cyberqueer program  462 Broadway  510 NY, NY  10013
phone# 212-343-2707 fax#212-807-9842.
If anyone knows of any short cyberqueer/sci-fi works out there, or knows of
anyone who might, please e-mail me.
Beth Stryker