My guess is that you're probably quite right about that.
Also, remembering very well what a stickler Del was, he
probably made sure he dotted each "i" and crossed every "t" the
way it was on the original.
     My personal opinion about the script itself is probably
going to start a "War of Words" about "War of the Worlds."
Here goes, anyway:
     1- I think the script is uneven and somewhat mediocre.
        It reads like time ran out and they had to get into
        production.  The last half is much more dull
        narrative and less dramatic than the first.
        (REMEMBER, gang, this was LIVE radio and there
        was no tyrant worse than that damned minute hand
        creeping closer to "straight up."
     2- The main value in the program, historically,
        obviously has been in the lesson it taught all
        about the true impact of media (notably radio)
        done well.
     3- Radio Drama, planned carefully, scripted well,
        and produced with detail, is a heck of a lot of fun!