NOTE: even if you don't wish to submit, please pass this on to someone
who may want to.
This is a call for submissions for a new anthology on race and identity in
the United States.  This anthology will reflect various views on race and
identity in the United States.  Authors will be from EVERY race, writing
about subjects which relate to t his topic as they see fit.  Writings will
include, but will not be limited to, essays, fiction, poetry, nonfiction,
biographical and academic works.  The intent of publishing this book is
two-fold: first, to give an opportunity to writers who have not bee n
published to print their work alongside well-known authors.  The second
goal is to amalgamate writings into a literate collection of work able to
stand on its own and also serve as a catalyst for discussion on how race
affects identity in the United Sta tes.  This anthology will not be
limited to academic circles.  It is intended to be published for the
public at large.
It is highly unlikely that monetary compensation can be offered.
All submissions must be hard copy and should be accompanied by something
in electronic form, i.e., diskette or sent via electronic mail.
Submissions may be of any length.  All electronic submissions should be in
plain text form or in a popular program fo rmat such as WordPerfect for
IBM-PCs or Word for Macs.
Deadline: April 31, 1994.  Submissions received later will have decreasing
chances of being reviewed, but are not automatically excluded.
Send all submissions and questions to:
Re-Cheng Tsang or Jonathan Jaffe
4754 Ravenna Ave NE
Seattle, WA  USA
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Neither submissions nor diskettes will be returned.