> Classes are starting and I'm teaching a course on censorship...
> I was hoping to screen some films associated with the Hollywood
> Communists such as the Blockade (w H. Fonda) and/or Confessions of a Nazi
> Spy.
> Any ideas as to how to get my hands on either of these???
I purchased a video copy of _Blockade_ about a year ago from Facets Multimedia
in Chicago.  Try there.
By the way, I've written a paper based on primary research (mostly at the
Wisconsin Center for Film and Television Research) on the enormous controversy
generated by this film, an unusual attempt by Hollywood to portray a
contemporary war (one without a clear sense of which is the right side, or
without knowing who's going to win).  I'll zap you a copy if you're interested.
Greg M. Smith
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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